Skills in handicraft have fascinated me already since I was small, I could knit before I could read. I grew up to be an artisan and after high school I thought of future while studying in arts and crafts field. Finnsheep fiber became my dearest material. Through studies and experiments I found felting, the most interesting and inspiring of textile techniques. It is an amazing skill to transform loose wool fibers into something visible, textured and functional. When felted, wool forms into endless variations: thin and thick, transparent and windproof, into a scarf and a carpet, curtains and sculptures...

Guided by big and small options I have found my roots in the middle of the forest. The nature grants me strength with which I create functional items and unique pieces for people as joy for their every day life and for their festive occasions. Animal figures inspire me over and over. I search ambiance of natural phenomena, details of plants to enrich my felt textiles. It is also a creative resource to be unable to follow finished results, a primitive instinct is to leave you mark, your x.

With the nature of a lonely worker I am able to motivate myself to every day labor. Experiments and development of techniques bring more challenges to the feltmaster's life. There is always new learning to a curious person. I share my knowhow and skills by teaching, tutoring and participating.

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Sammallammas, Keulantie 46, 42850 Pohjaslahti, Finland
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