Wedding Felts

I got the idea for a wedding felt of our own wedding rya. The wedding felt is placed at the wedding site as a carpet for the bridal couple during the ceremony; later on the felt is to be hung on the wall of their home. The design of the wedding felt adapts the old wedding carpets. The colorful and opulent centre design is often surrounded by a decorated edge on a grey base. The theme of most wedding felts is a rowan, which is a sacred tree in the Finnish tradition.

A wedding felt is custom-made for each bridal couple. The wishes of the bridal couple and the colors of their home is taken into consideration when making the designs for the centre and edges. The wedding felt will have initials and dates; other symbols can be added which the bridal couple wants. The size of the wedding felt is about 170 x 170 cm, but the size can be altered.

The price of unique wedding felts varies based on the design work, number of decorations, the decoration technique and the size of the textile. The delivery time is 3 to 5 months.

A Wedding Felt singleton,
unique extraordinary,
for symbiosis for the couple to be wed
for those walking the same path,
for those stepping into the shared home.

A matrimony on a fine felt,
a wedding on full wool,
to start a real marriage,
for a protection of a pretty engagement
as a lock of a tight promise.

A felt to You who are to be wed
a carpet beneath You at the altar
as a decoration to our home
a picture of a everlasting contract
a symbol of a deep confidence.

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