The Company Sammallammas began 1994 when my passion for knitwear and textiles crystallized into an idea to have a company. The years have formed the company greatly; even at the early stages subcontracting work and making of knitwear changed to feltmaking.

The main business idea is to felt Finnsheep wool into endearing and influential products as gifts, for settings ... all the way to unique interior jewels.

Entrepreneur, Felt Expert Eija Pirttilahti is shaping her dearest material, wool – with knowledge, skill and feeling. In over 20 years the business has built up roots and original collection which are the basis for continuous development. As the nature is boundless – are the ideas of our products and boundaries under the blue sky of Finland.


Handicraft and respect for the material and nature is our foundation. The production machinery and methods are extraordinary in the world. You recognize the original Sammallammas product from the EP-signature.



Sammallammas, Keulantie 46, 42850 Pohjaslahti, Finland
Tel: +358 400 114 434,


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